1) All students are answerable to the Principal, member of the staff for their conduct in the college premises.
2) In subordination, abusive language, mis behavior or misconduct can lead to the dismissal of a student.
3) Demonstration of any kind in the college is strictly prohibited.
4) In case of sickness, a leave application shall be submitted to the college office along with a medical certificate within two days of resuming me College. Fitness certificate at the time of resuming the college essential.
5) All the receipts on account of the fines imposed on students for any cause whatsoever shall accrue to the Students Aid Fund of the College.
6) All students applying for bonafide certificates, character certificates, birth date certificate, testimonials etc. and requiring the Principal or Vice Principals signature on any kind of document or application should first contact the Head Clerk in the College Office, No paper should be taken by the student directly to the Principal.
7) All students representing the college in sports / cultural activities should ensure that the relevant documents are submitted for leave of absence within a week of the respective events (Sports /Cultural).