Prof. K. R. Bhore

ME (Heat Power)

HOD’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Universal College of Engineering & Research. It gives me immense pleasure to lead the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Department is established in the year 2011-12 and offers undergraduate program (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering. 644 UG students are pursuing graduation in mechanical engineering respectively in this academic year. Department has established ‘Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA)’ for giving scope for the hidden potentials existing amongst the budding mechanical engineers.
Mechanical Engineering is one of the fundamental branches of engineering. It has got dominance in every aspect of our life. Aircraft and Ship-building, Automobiles, Trains, Power plant engineering, Dentistry, Surgical equipments, Defense sector etc. are some of the highlighted areas for instance. Hence, the demand of mechanical engineers is ever-rising.

I am sure you will feel assured about the excellent infrastructure and academics. The department has highly experienced and dedicated faculty to impart quality education to the students. In addition to academics, the department strives for the overall development of students by arranging various activities like workshops, seminars, conferences, technical events and industrial visits. The department has well equipped laboratories and we believes that our students are molded to become successful engineers, Managers, Entrepreneur and future ethical leaders with required knowledge, analytical skills and creativity to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems who are not only committed to the industry but also to the society.