Prof. V. B. Nikam

M.Tech. (E&TC)

HOD Message

The Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering discipline has become an important field of engineering branch in the society. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics to remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create even better ideas. With technology becoming all pervasive in everyday life, opportunities for Electronics Engineers are endless.

E&TC field blossomed into a fully fledged engineering discipline over the last six decades. Traditional field of E&TC grown into Radio Engineering, Computers, Automation and Control systems, and Telecommunications broadly. 21st Century witnessed a sea change in the field of E& TC. The merging of computers and communication technologies surprised the world with opening gateway to ample opportunities. The mobile technology is changing very fast and the present 3G/ 4G mobile systems will be replaced by 5G mobile systems in near future. Wireless technologies are going to take new dimensions in our lives. The 5G technology will bring us perfect real world wireless and the ‘WWW’ will get transformed into ‘WWWW’ World Wide Wireless Web. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) came into existence for precise global coverage.

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers achieved a remarkable success in development and deployment of critical and strategic systems for the Nation Security, Safety and Surveillance through indigenous development. The main objective of the Convention is to deliberate the recent advances in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in industrial, Civil and Defence sectors to address future challenges in society.

Latest trend in Electronic and Telecommunication has been towards mainly these fields:

(1) Communication through optical fiber

(2) Microwave (Wireless) communication through VSAT networks

(3) Free Space Optical communication

(4) Adaptive signal processing

(5) Ultra Wideband Networks

(6) Multitouch Sensing

(7) Human Area Networks .

While working for students in aspects such as Knowledge, Research, Human Well Being and their placements in Telecom Industry will ultimately lead to growth of society and nation as well.