Laboratory Name : Survey


Dumpy level with stand, Prismatic compass with stand, Leveling staffs( 4m ), Metallic Ranging rods (3m&4m ), Aluminum Cross staff with stand, Optical square, Line ranger, Plannimeter (Polar type), Digital Plannimeter (Roller type),Metallic tape-(30m & 15m), Fiber tape (30m& 15m), Square Prism, Dumpy Level, Plane Table set with accessories, Automatic Level, Box Sextant, Abney Level, Indian Pattern Clinometer, Ranging Rod (Folding Type), Microptic One Second’s Theodolite, Vernier Transit Theodolite Nautical Sextant, Mirror Stereoscope, Parallax Bar, Digital Electronic Total Station, Hand Held GPS, Steel arrows, Open Cross Staff, Survey Umbrellas, Rotating Laser level, Topographical Map, Prismatic compass.

Laboratory Name : Engineering Mechanics



Belt Friction Apparatus, Simple and Compound beam Apparatus, Compound pendulum, Moment of Inertia of Fly wheel, Parallel force apparatus, Combined coil beamed belt friction apparatus, Simple Jib Crane, Joint roof truss on roller,Winch cab single purchase, Law of Polygon force app., Cycle Rings for Curvilinear motion, Spring Balance..

Laboratory Name : Fluid Mechanics


Tilting Hydraulic Flume, Wind Tunnel, Stability of floating body, Heleshaw Apparatus, Electrical Analogy Apparatus, Redwood Viscometer, Hydraulic Bench,
Venturi-meter and Orifice meter, Reynolds Apparatus, Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus, Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus, Set of Major & Minor Losses through pipe , Pipe Friction Apparatus, Impact of Jet Apparatus, Set of Manometer, Set of free forced vortex flow, Elton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Red Wood Viscometer, Reynolds Apparatus (Closed Circuit), Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus (Closed Circuit),
Notch Apparatus (Closed Circuit), Pressure Measurement Apparatus, Discharge Measuring Tank.

Laboratory Name : Strength of Material

Electronic Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Tile Flexural Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine.

Laboratory Name :Concrete Technology

HC37.10 Vicat Apparatus, With Dashpot Each Confirming to IS: 5513-1976, Air Permeability Apparatus ISI mark 5516 supplied with punch non perforated disc & suction bulb, Cube Mould (Cast Iron) for 150 mm cube with ISI certification mark IS 10086 supplied with base plate, Cube Mould (Steel) for 70.9 cube with ISI certification mark IS:10080, supplied with base plate, Aggregate Impact Tester with blow counter IS 2380 pt, Aggregate crushing value apparatus as per IS 2380 150mmФ steel cylinder, Vibrating Table tabletop AIM 366 Size 2m 1m, Tamping rod with ISI make- IS10086 for compacting cube mould & is made of steel.

 Laboratory Name :Engineering Geology


Typical Minerals Specimens (7.5 x 5 x 2 cms),
Typical Rocks Specimens (7.5 x 5 x 2.5 cms),
Typical Minerals Specimens (7.5 x 5 x 2 cms.



Laboratory Name :Geotechnical Engineering

CBR Test Apparatus, Direct Shear Test Apparatus ,Pycnometer, Unconfined Compression Test App., Liquid Limit Apparatus, Brass Sieves Set – 20 cm Dia (Set of 9 ),Plastic Limit Apparatus, Shrinkage Limit Apparatus, Core Cutter Apparatus, Sand Retraining and Placement Apparatus, Standard Protector, Constant Head), Standard Proctor Test, Modified Proctor Test, Vane Shear Apparatus, Electronic Digital Top Balance Oven, Hydrometer, Sieve Shaker,Swell Test Apparatus, Consolidation Test Apparatus, Variable Head Permeability Meter, Hydraulic Extruder,
Constant Volume Mould Size : 100 x 350 mm long.

Laboratory Name :Environmental Engineering

Digital Spectrophotometer ,Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven, Make – Classic, Electronic Top Loading Balance, Digital Nephelometer, Jar Test Apparatus, Bacteriological Incubator , Auto Clave, Water Steel, Make , Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter,  Digital Sound Level Meter, Heating Mantle, Centrifuge, Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate.

Laboratory Name :Transportation Engineering

Los Angelis Abbrasion Testing Machine

Aggregate Crushing Value test App.
Standard Penetrometer
Pensky – Martin Flash Point App
Marshal Stability Test App.
Ring and ball App. Motorised
Ductility Testing Machine
Constant Temp. Water Bath, Thermostatic for Marshal Mould
Sieve Shaker
Bitumen extractor
Density Basket